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Where does the Fire Hydrant data come from?

Fire Hydrant Manager is a BYOD (bring your own data) platform. We recommend conducting an initial inspection using our mobile application and your standard inspection processes to obtain the GPM and other data to enter into the Fire Hydrant Manager mobile application.

Can I import my own data?

Yes! We have a built-in data importer that allows you to import what fire hydrant or other data you have into our system! We can also help you import your data!

Is there a cost per User / Device?

No! The monthly subscription fee is all you will pay for using the Fire Hydrant Manager service. There are absolutely no hidden fees, ever! Each subscription tier has a set number of users and devices to start, but we can raise that limit on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us directly for more information on how to raise these limits.

What is FireDash?

FireDash is your main web dashboard for managing your account, fire hydrants, settings and other features included in your subscription. You can access FireDash from any modern desktop or mobile web browser.

Who can access FireDash?

There are User Roles that you can assign to any user at any time from the Employees tab. At this time, only the Firefighter role cannot access FireDash, but can login through the mobile applications.


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